Plasma Screen Television View Distance

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How much viewing distance should I allow for my plasma screen television?

Plasma Screen Television View Distance

Have you ever sat in the front row of a movie theatre? The action is right in front of you, but the picture is too big to see and you get a sore neck. The same thing happens when you install a plasma screen television in an area that does not allow ample distance between the viewer and the screen. The rule is pretty simple, the smaller the television you have, the smaller the distance you need between the viewer and the screen. Smaller plasma screen televisions, those smaller than 37 inches, can be comfortably watched from as little as 6 feet away. Screens in the area of 40 inches should be viewed from 10 to 14 feet away. Allow 12 to 16 feet for screens around 50 inches, and give yourself at least 15 feet when viewing a screen over 60 inches.



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