Plasma Screen Televisions: HDTV ready vs. HDTV compatible

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What is the difference between HDTV ready and HDTV compatible?

Plasma Screen Televisions: HDTV ready vs. HDTV compatible

When buying a plasma screen television, you may see that some sets are labeled as “HDTV Ready” while others are labeled as “HDTV Compatible”. The two phrases sound the same, but they mean very different things. HDTV ready sets are essentially just plasma screen televisions that are capable of displaying HDTV media. In order to display the media, you have to buy a HDTV receiver or a DVD player. HDTV compatible sets, sometimes called integrated HDTV sets have their own built in tuner for DTV signals. While this may seem like a cost saving feature, it actually reduces the flexibility of your television, because if standards change then you must replace your entire television rather than buy a new tuner.



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