Preventing Burn In of Plasma Screen Televisions

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How do I prevent burn in with my plasma screen television?

Preventing Burn In of Plasma Screen Televisions

Burn in will only occur in plasma screen televisions that display the same image, or the same part of an image, for an extended period of time. Using the screen to display a single image, like a picture, will inevitably cause burn in. Using the screen as a computer display for long periods of time will cause the desktop of the computer to be burned in to the screen. Also, constantly viewing news programs that have stationary onscreen objects (such as news tickers) will cause these objects to burn in to the screen. Most high-end plasma screen televisions have an option called “white flash” that will eliminate a burned in image. Using the white flash will shorten the life of your screen.



6/16/2007 5:05:45 PM
Ben said:

What do I do if my TV doenst have "white flash" and thers a burned in image


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