Plasma Screen Televisions and Older Aspect Ratios

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Do plasma screen televisions work with older aspect ratios?

Plasma Screen Televisions and Older Aspect Ratios

You may be worried that images formatted in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio may be incompatible with the 16:9 aspect ratio of plasma screen television. Luckily, plasma screen televisions have two primary ways of dealing with this incongruity. In the first case, plasma screen televisions are capable of displaying the whole of a 4:3 image on screen, with black or grey bars on the sides compensating for the unused image space. Plasma screen televisions can also display a 4:3 aspect ration image on the whole screen by stretching the image. The plasma screen television does this by enlarging the whole image and limiting the stretching to the image's side, minimizing distortion and rendering the 4:3 picture on the full screen.



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