Burn in and Plasma Screen Televisions

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Is it true that plasma screen televisions can "burn in"?

Burn in and Plasma Screen Televisions

If you leave a plasma screen television on for too long while it is displaying a single image, the television can suffer from “burn in”. Burn in occurs when an image is permanently etched on to the screen of the television, leaving a pale “ghost” of that image no matter what is displayed on screen. This burn in is a major disadvantage of plasma screen televisions, one that isn't shared by LCD televisions. You don't have to worry about burn in if you use your plasma screen television for normal television, DVD, and occasional computer use. Plasma screen televisions that suffer burn in are often found in corporate settings, where a single image, or a single channel with a news ticker, can burn in to the screen.



7/7/2009 10:10:17 AM
kgosi said:

is it posseble to fix the burn in of a plasma screan or does it stay with the screan for ever..
and sometime my screan shows a lot of fine colours befor playing properly wat does that mean??


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