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Should I be concerned about the product lines of smaller plasma screen television manufacturers?

Product Lines of Small Brand Plasma Screen Televisions

When considering a plasma screen television manufactured by a smaller brand, you should look in to the other products that a brand makes. Often, a small, reliable plasma screen television manufacture will offer other similar products. The company should offer other entertainment related electronics. A consistent product line represents a manufacturer with focused interests. If the manufacturer doesn't seem focused, then it's not wise to trust its products.

How do I research the financial background of a smaller plasma screen television company?

Financial Research on Smaller Brands of Plasma Screen Televisions

If you are planning on buying a plasma screen television from a lesser known brand, you should devote a little time to researching the company itself. Check and see if the company is listed on a stock exchange. If so, see how the stock has performed for the past year. Check out the company's website. Does it look professional? Yes, good web design is relatively cheap to manufacture, but a poorly designed website is always a dead giveaway.

Should I be careful of no-name plasma screen television brands?

Quality and No-Name Plasma Screen Televisions

One of the great disadvantages of the plasma screen television market is the preponderance of no-name brands that sell shoddy products. Since low quality screens can be bought from manufacturers, it is easy for these companies to produce screens of lesser quality at attractive prices. While these prices are tempting, it is best to do research beforehand to determine if the screen produces a quality picture. Make an effort to see the screen function in stores. Try to find out who actually manufactures the screen, and what their quality control standards are like.

What is the advantage of buying a brand name plasma screen television?

The Advantages of Brand Name Plasma Screen Televisions

When debating between buying a plasma screen television made by a brand name manufacturer or one made by an unknown manufacturer, one of the biggest difficulties is verifying the producer's reputation. Consumers and retailers closely scrutinize larger, well-known brands, and information on their products is widely available. Smaller brands are more difficult to research. However, smaller brands often offer better prices, because you don't have to worry about paying for the “name” of your product. Buying a plasma screen television is a big investment, and no matter which kind of television you decide to buy, you should put some time in to researching your potential purchase.

Does each brand manufacture all of its own televisions?

Manufacturers of Plasma Screen Televisions

A little known fact is this: almost all of the central components for plasma screen televisions are manufactured by a handful of companies. These companies happen to be the large, well-known plasma screen television manufacturers of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. Regardless of brand, large or small, these are the screens major manufacturers. It is easy to tell which brands produce which screens. Each large brand has a certain number of “signature” sizes that it manufactures. For example: if a certain large brand is known for manufacturing a 45” screen, then all other 45” screens of lesser brands are probably produced by that same manufacturer.

Should I research smaller brands of plasma screen televisions before I buy?

Researching Smaller Brands of Plasma Screen Televisions

If you want to buy a plasma screen from a smaller brand, it pays to do a little research. For many people, the first step is to look on the Internet. This is an excellent way of gathering information, but it is not always the most reliable. Check out larger, reputable online retailers, and see which smaller brands they offer. Often these sites will have customer testimonials that can help you to narrow your choices. Remember that researching on the Internet should only be one step of the process.

Will maintenance costs change with different brands?

Brand name Televisions Over Time

Brand name plasma screen televisions are often cheaper in the long run due to their reliability. Since brand name plasma screen televisions are subject to more exacting production standards, they leave the manufacturer with fewer flaws. Due to this, they require very little outside maintenance. The screen of a brand name television will often fade more slowly, and the colors will remain brighter for a longer period of time. Additionally the workmanship of a brand name television will make it less likely to be damaged during your period of ownership.

Do brand name plasma screen televisions come with better warranties?

Warranties of Brand Name Plasma Screen Televisions

A major advantage that brand name plasma screen televisions have over their lesser-known counterparts is the reliability of their warranties and service plans. Larger manufacturers have established customer service departments, and they can usually be depended upon to honor their warranties. Such guarantees are not always available from smaller manufacturers. Also, a product's warranty is only good if the manufacturing company still exists. Larger brands have been established for years, and rarely go out of business, but smaller ones may fold over night, voiding warranties.

Should I research the location of a smaller plasma screen television manufacturer?

Location of Small Brand Plasma Screen Television manufacturers

Check out the address information for a smaller brand of plasma screen television. Less reputable companies often list only a PO Box. Call the company to see if you can verify a street address. Ask about addresses for return, sales, and customer service purposes. If the customer service representatives are evasive with their answers, don't trust the brand.

Where can I find information on the different brands of plasma screen televisions?

Finding Information on Brands of Plasma Screen Televisisions

An excellent source for information on different brands of plasma screen television can be found in publications that focus on the electronics industry. There are a myriad of magazines and newsletters devoted to entertainment electronics, and they often provide reviews and details of brands of all sizes. Here you can research which smaller, newer brands look promising, and which larger, more expensive brands provide the best service. Another set of useful publications are magazines dedicated to informing consumers. Such reports are often backed by extensive research.

If all the central components of a plasma screen television are manufactured by the same few companies, why should brand matter?

Pixels and Brand in Plasma Screen Televisions

The proof is in the pixels. Whenever a plasma screen is constructed, there will invariably be a few pixels on the screen that do not work properly. Most well known brands of plasma screen televisions have certain manufacturing standards that tolerate only one or two non-functioning pixels per screen. If a screen does not meet these standards, it is often sold to a lesser brand for a smaller price. Lesser brands have very different standards of pixel function, often allowing more than 10% of pixels to be faulty. The smaller brand then adjusts the screen's brightness and color levels to compensate for the distortion, and then sells the unit at a lower price.

Should I be concerned about the colors produced by a no-name plasma screen television?

Color and Small Brand Plasma Screen Televisions

One of the plasma screen television's greatest assets is the ability to portray colors realistically. Normally, televisions distort the brightness of certain colors in order to make their images appear more vivid. Since plasma screen televisions are already very bright, they have no need to distort their colors. Thus colors appear natural and realistic. Many no name brand plasma screen televisions lack the brightness of their brand name counterparts. They often make up for this lack of brightness by distorting their color schemes.

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