Mounting a Plasma Screen Television on a Fireplace

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Can I mount a plasma screen television on my fireplace?

Mounting a Plasma Screen Television on a Fireplace

Since plasma screen televisions can be mounted on a myriad of surfaces, they add flexibility to the placement of your home theatre system. Instead of using just one room for television use, plasma screen television owners can integrate their home theatre in to almost any living space. Traditionally, relaxation space in homes is focused around the fireplace; while in reality, the space is often focused around the television. Now, it is possible to integrate the two by mounting a plasma screen television above the fireplace. In this way, both traditional and realistic living spaces can be perfectly integrated.



4/1/2007 12:57:20 PM
andrew stevens said:

this doesnt actally tell you how install a plasma television.

11/4/2007 5:50:19 PM
Faith said:

How can you mount a plasma screen tv over a fireplace if it's important to keep the tv cool? A gas or woodburning fireplace can produce lots of heat! I'd like to install a plasma over a heat-producing gas fireplace, but fear damage to the TV. Please explain how this can be done. Thanks.


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