Purchasing an EDTV or an HDTV Plasma Screen Television

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Should I buy either an HDTV or an EDTV plasma screen television?

Purchasing an EDTV or an HDTV Plasma Screen Television

If you're planning on buying a plasma screen television, take in to account your viewing needs. If you're going to need a small to moderate screen (30-40 inches) and you plan on sitting more than 10 feet away, then an EDTV might be your most cost worthy option. There won't be much noticeable degradation in image quality, and DVD playback should be fine. If you're going to be buying a large sized screen (greater than 40 inches) or you are planning to sit fairly close to the screen, then you should opt for an HDTV. If you plan on purchasing a plasma screen television for professional use, then you should always opt for an HDTV.



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